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Print on demand has been the way forward for many businesses. In early times people considered drop-shipping where products used to come printed already. The only thing you had to do is choose and buy the product that you need.

Print-on-demand products have however changed everything, and this is due to changes in technology. Technology has helped a lot when it comes to designs.

Many products can be kept in stores as a print on demand products but some are in high demand. In today’s article, we shall discuss the most profitable print-on-demand products for 2022.

1)    Tshirts

Fashion especially for young people has been emphasized so much and this makes the t-shirt the first most profitable demand product for 2022. T-shirts especially when the year is still young will be profitable when you keep them at the store because many people will want to wear T-shirts written with their resolution for the year, their goals, mission, etc.

 It is also recommended to have a t-shirt as a print-on-demand product since each month or season comes up with new things trending and people tend to write what’s trending on t-shirts.

2)    Art Papers

It is also advisable to have art papers as a print-on-demand product for 2022. Art papers are those papers that can be used to draft something. Most people will need different types of art in their homes, and therefore they will be demanding the sellers to print different things like pictures.

Another thing that makes an art paper profitable to the seller is the fact that it is flexible to trending things also because it can be drafted with new pictures or drawings according to the customer’s likes.

3)    Bags

The other thing you should have as a profitable print-on-demand product is bags. When discussing bags, you should have different types of bags at your store. It is good when keeping the bag to consider gender. Make sure you have bags for both genders and are also unisex.

Bags are very sensitive, and you should look for those that can be printed. Additionally, there are those customers that want their bags to have certain designs, e.g. a continent or a city. Therefore, bags cannot bring loss to your business since people always travel, and there are always new admissions to schools where students need bags.

4)    Plain caps

The fourth product you need to have as a print-on-demand product for 2022 is plain caps. Caps are worn all over the world and are always on sale.  Plain caps give the client ease to have what he or she wants to be printed on that cap.

It is good to have a variety of colors because each client demands a cap according to their favorite color. It is also advisable to have different types of cap designs due to clients’ differences. Caps are flexible because they can be worn in any event and can be printed as per the events.

5)    Mugs

Mugs are also products that are sold in large quantities. Mugs are very friendly when it comes to printing. You will find many clients demanding mugs to be printed with their names. Additionally, mugs can be used as gifts and most people prefer to print the words or a picture referring to the person being issued the gift. Also, most companies use mugs to market their brand. You will therefore need mugs in your store and no time they will be of loss.

6)    Masks

You will also need a face mask in your store. COVID-19 preventive, measures have become part of today’s lifestyle. This means that masks will be worn day in day. Most people are preferring to have their masks made in style. Some will need a mask that resembles the design of the shoe, socks, or tops. Therefore, the fact that facemask is worn also in a fashionable way, you need to have them as a print-on-demand product.

7)    Hoodies

The other thing you need to have a print-on-demand product is the hoodies. You will find couples or a family having hoodies written their names. Also, it is now a habit that most of the hoodies have some verses either from the Bible or quotes. This makes the hoodie also on the list as the most profitable print-on-demand product for 2022. Hoodies can also be ideal for gifting someone.


Therefore, a business has to look for the best way possible to be on top of other businesses. A business should have the above products as print-on-demand products for them to be unique in 2022. All these products are marketable, and you just need to find the one that will do well in your region and also captures many buyers. Try to also get the best designs to ensure that your audience gets what they are looking for effortlessly.

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