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Are you starting as a freelancer and wondering about the best freelancing tools that you can use to perfect your writing? Well, for a fact you must be good at your writing, then use these tools as a booster. They are like your helpers. Your mind, hands, and thoughts are the main spear header.


Then, you can use amazing freelancing tools to make your writing better. Key thing is, to research how to be a good writer, use the knowledge you got from school, and work as if you are doing the work for yourself! Treat freelancing as a regular job, and you will see the great achievements you will make along the way.

1)    Grammarly freelancing tool

Have you ever heard of Grammarly? It is one of the most high-rated grammar proofreading tools around. If you are starting, you can use the basic free plan, then as you progress you can consider the premium accounts.

The advantage of the premium accounts is that you get relevant suggestions on how to improve your writing completely. For the free plan, you just get some suggestions, and you will need to figure out how to perfect the rest. Furthermore, it checks on the correctness, clarity, and engagement of your article/text. You can even highlight your goals, and Grammarly will use that while proofreading your work.

If you are a writer, you should try this! You won’t be disappointed. I have used it for years, and it has helped me to grow over the years! Don’t shy away, try it! You can even install the extension on your browser and Microsoft Word. However, even with the A.I. help, always proofread your work, once you are done.

2)    Paperrater freelancing tool

Another great freelancing tool is Paperrater. It works more or less like Grammarly but gives more elaborate results. You even get a grade for your writing. How awesome is that! Additionally, you also get to check your work for plagiarism during the inspection.

However, you can either decide to check or not check for the uniqueness of the text. You also get ratings on the use of transitional words, vocabulary, sentence structure, and much more. Moreover, you even get suggestions for further reading to perfect your work. What more would you want?

3)    Language Tool

The best freelancing editing hacks

This is another great freelancing tool that you can use as a writer. It helps detect any kind of grammar and sentence structure issues in your text. You will enjoy using the language tool – be sure of that.

You just need to install it as an extension on your browser, and you will get corrections as you type in your work.

Yes, you may read some work and be pleased with it, but have you inquired about the language tool? I’m guessing, no. Try it and you will feel satisfied with it.

4)    Copyscape freelancing tool

Having unique text or articles is essential if you want to progress in your writing. Copyscape is an amazing software that you can use to check for plagiarism. If you want to cooperate well with your clients, you better provide unique text. Yes, you heard me right!

Clients love unique work and text. They don’t expect to post some writing in their blog, then get sued for stolen articles! No, that’s not fair or right. Hence, you can use Copyscape to check your work and ascertain uniqueness. However, for the best results, you will need to pay for the premium package. You won’t regret investing in it.

5)    Smallseotools

Smallseotools is a great tool for checking plagiarism. However, it is also a great tool for checking grammar and other essentials. Furthermore, it has a powerful plagiarism checker that will detect any plagiarized work.

 As a writer, always give your best while doing any work. If you want long-lasting clients, you better give it your best. There is a free and premium versions that you can use.


There are many freelancing tools on the internet. However, I highly recommend these five. If you have any other in mind, be sure to write them down in the comments section. I would love to get your insight too. Let’s grow our freelancing ventures! All the best as you use these amazing tools! You will give a great testimony once you are done!

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