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Are you thinking of starting as a freelancer? Well, freelancing is diverse, and you have to think overboard if you want to succeed. Freelancing is a great way to use your professional skills remotely. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose whether to work in an office or in the comfort of your home. I will share with you some of the most popular freelance jobs around.

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1)    Art Director

Did you know that there are many freelance art directors? Yes, they are. They tend to lead some creative teams into making a scripted dream a reality. As a director, they tend to oversee what the designers are doing in line with the whole project.

An art director can be outsourced from anywhere and then brought into a company. Their expertise and impressive portfolio make them stand out. If you want to dive into this, you need to be good in the different design and art fields. However, the art director’s demand is different in various regions of the world.

2)    Photographer

A freelance photographer works on his terms. The photographer tends to book photography work with clients for different occasions. This can include weddings, baby portraits to events, and much more.

As a freelance photographer, you will need to have your equipment, avail yourself for the shoot, and give your photography packages price. Not only should you know to take the pictures/videos but also edit the picture and videos.

3)    Graphic designer

A freelance graphic designer creates visuals, graphic images, logo designs, brochures, infographics, and much more for clients. As a graphic designer, you need to be creative. This is because a client may come with an idea and want you to idealize it. Hence, you need to have a creative mind.

Fortunately, you can try to get inspiration from certain image sites like Unsplash, pexels, or pixabay. Additionally, you can follow Photoshop on Instagram to get creative ideas. As a graphic designer try to be as creative as possible. Furthermore, as a graphic designer, you are not just limited to creating designs, but can also work with media companies remotely. You can both be employed and self-employed. If your passion lies there, go for it!

4)    Web designer and app developer

There are millions of websites online. However, if you want to prosper you need to invest in a great website design for your company. This is where freelance website designers come in. As a client, you just need to provide a web scope of what you intend your website to look like and discuss it with your designer.

There are different types of websites and you need to brainstorm with your designer on the best way forward. There are many reputable website design companies that you can approach too. Hence, if you are creative, you can decide to take a short course on website design and start freelancing. A website tells a lot about your company! You can also be a freelance app developer. Your passion should drive you to be a professional freelancer!

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5)    Copy Writer

Have you ever thought of being a copywriter? Do you know what it entails? Well, as a freelance copywriter, you will be required to write different content for your clients. This can include articles, blog posts, press releases, eBooks, case studies, and white papers.

You can either work directly with clients you have found or work with specific companies. The beauty of this is that you can work with various clients at the same time.

6)    Writer

Many people dive into freelancing as a writer. There is a lot of potential in writing if you research well. There are different types of writing such as creative, article, web content, guest post, technical, blog, and other types of writing. However, to prosper as a writer, you will need to do thorough research, use the knowledge gotten from school, read other blogs, and use the right freelancing tools.

As a writer, you get to have a flexible schedule and plan well with your clients to know when you will be working and so on. There is also specific content writing that is based on writing product descriptions, print, and digital media. You can also be requested to create content for websites. Just shine in your specific niche! Thank me later J

7)    Blogger

You can also have your blog and earn from it. Blogging has a lot of potentials that you can dive into. There are some famous writers and authors who make a good living from blogging. In most cases, if you have a high-performing website, many people will want to be featured or feature their articles on your website.

Hence, if you want to dive into it freelance blogging, start now! However, don’t be a jack of all trades, try and choose a specific niche and stick to it.

8)    Social Media Manager

The digital space is growing with each passing day. Hence, the need for more companies to have a great social media presence. Many companies invest in social media managers to help make their companies flourish better.

As a freelance social media manager, you will need to create an engaging social media presence, look for relevant followers, follow relevant brands, and much more. Also, as a business, you need to engage with your audience to ensure you solve their issues and provide new products. Communication is key as a freelance social media manager.

9)    Voice over artist

There is a lot of potential in the voice-over industry. Have you ever heard a movie narration or advertisement and just became mesmerized by the voice? Well as a freelance voice-over artist, you get to talk on behalf of your client or the company. You become like the voice ambassador.

In this, you don’t need to transform your voice. If your voice pleases your client, they will want to work with you. Just hope your low flu moments won’t destroy your work! Just kidding, clients are understanding.

As a freelance voice-over artist, you can work for various artists and even help out with Youtube videos.

10)                       Branding consultant

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Each year we are told of how there are jobs that are ending and those that are being created.

Well, did you know that you can also be a freelance branding consultant?

Already established or growing companies tend to look for brand consultants to help promote their brand and even make it expand. Your brand is really important and says a lot about your company.

If you are good at it, you should try and be a freelance branding consultant.

11)                       Administrative/virtual assistant

As a freelancer, you can also become a remote administrative or virtual assistant to someone. Yes, that’s more than possible. As a personal assistant, you will be able to do data entry, calendar management, email replying for a client, create invoices, or even pick calls. There are a wide variety of tasks in which a virtual assistant can do. In this, you can also work as a customer service personnel.

12)                       Translator and transcriber

You can also be a freelance translator if you know a couple of multiple languages. In this, you can also translate articles, books, movie scripts, YouTube scripts, and other documents. You can also work as a transcriber and listen to audio or video files.

Additionally, you need to be accurate to ensure you write what is being said on the audio or video. Most transcription work is paid hourly, depending on the amount of work you have covered.

13)                       Data entry specialist

You can also be a freelance data entry specialist. You don’t need to be creative, but you need to know how to type quickly. In this role, you will be required to transfer certain data according to the client’s demands. This will help you get better at administrative work.

14)                       Lawyer

Are you in the law field? Did you know that you can also be a freelance lawyer and help various clients when they want some help to sign contracts, go to court, or other legal matters? At times some clients even need some legal research, writing, or other consultations. Freelancing is open to any profession.

15)                       Fitness Trainer

You can also be a freelance fitness trainer. As a freelance fitness trainer, you can advise people on how to stay healthy, do exercises, and much more. You can also be a yoga instructor and instruct people online.

Furthermore, you can even have ready-made videos that you can then provide to people. Additionally, you can also be a nutritional consultant and teach people on the best diets that they can take

16)                       Medic

Nowadays there are certain freelance medics. Over time apps have been made in which you can consult a medic on certain issues and get help from wherever you are. However, always be careful of the medic you approach. You can choose this or even give advice online if you are a trained psychologist. However, this is specific to those who are specialized in the field.

17)                       Tutor

You can also opt to be a freelance tutor and teach people on various subjects, courses, and much more. At the end of the day, your passion is your main driver. You will prosper in this way. However, you need to be proficient in your specific line to ensure you educate people in the right way.

18) AI Specialists

The growth of A.I. has led to the need for A.I. Specialists who will help in the growth and development of systems. Therefore, you can also indulge in such a freelancing profession and use tools such as A.I. Excel Bot for ease in performing certain tasks.


These are some of the best freelance jobs that you can try. They are not limited to just these. There are other ones that you can try. At the end of the day, just ensure you do something that you are passionate about. Try your best to be comfortable in your field, before you decide to become a freelancer.

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